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Sahyadri Flora Honey

front Direct from the Beekeepers, This 100% natural honey is light and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth flavour. Its light creamy and distinctive flavour makes it a great addition to buttered toast, light tea and breakfast cereal.

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Raw Organic – Goa Honey

FrontView Our Goa Honey is 100% Pure and made by Cerana Indica Bees. It has not been heated at high tempratures, and pollens have not been filtered out. Goa Honey is a natural product, carefully harvested and bottled to preserve the quality you enjoy.

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Raika Goan Coconut Oil, 500ML

Raika Goan Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is one of few foods that can be classified as a “Superfood”.Its Unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effect on health. Coconut oil has multitude of health benefits, which includes but are not limited to skin care, improvig digestion and immunity against a host of infection and diseases.

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