About Us


Suprajit Raikar

Raika is a social enterprise that promotes beekeeping and organic farming in-order to increase agricultural productivity and provides market access to enhance income and improve livelihoods of marginal farmers in Goa.

Raika is committed to sustainability, from which all our other values take form. Sustainability means many things to us: from investing in long-term relationships with our partners, farmers, customer & supplier–-to ensuring our practices benefit the environment.

In order to fulfill our commitments, Raika has a symbiotically linked hybrid institutional structure, which guarantees a sustainable source of revenue and ethical & caring business practices to our farmers. Raika is committed to create sustainable and long-term markets that empower and improves the lives of marginal farmers

Through our for-profit, M/s Raika & Co, we

  • Establish a fair-trade market for locally produced products that is natural, organic and sustainable.
  • Source high-quality organic honey from farmer cooperatives.
  • Package the honey for direct sale to customers.
  • DMDYAC: a not-for profit that trains farmers to beekeeping with the Apis cerana indica on their farms to addresses livelihood diversification, agricultural productivity and improved income.

Through our non-profit, DMD-YAC Society, we

  • Train and equip smallholding farmers to use bees to increase their incomes by as much as threefold.
  • Implement a buy back arrangement for honey produced, which increases farmers’ income by another 40% from the sale of their own honey.
  • Realize the goals of our Bees for Sustainable Development Project. Engage in research and policy advocacy to advance sustainable community-based beekeeping with the indigenous bee, the Apis cerana indica.
  • Apart from beekeeping DMDYAC is also involved Social activities like Donation of 100 Solar lamp to school children’s in remote villages of Western Ghats.
  • We are also involved in various Social Activity like Donation For Help Age India, Donation For People For Animal, Donation towards Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, Organized Cultural Program “Heritage Art Mella” at Kala academy for School Children etc.

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